Minyeshu ምንይሹ – Daa Dee ዳዴ – New Ethiopian Music

‘Daa Dee’ is the new 13-song studio album from Ethiopian siren Minyeshu; a hypnotic and modern hybrid of Ethiopian grooves and melodies, delicately mixed with Western instruments and styles.

The words ‘Daa Dee’ are the sounds of encouragement that Ethiopian mothers make to help their children take their first steps; the title track of this album vividly highlights the heartbreaking revelation that Minyeshu’s mother was absent in this critical time.

Soothing waterfalls of vocals and stunning lyrics explore love, sadness, longing, nostalgia, adoption and heartbreak. The turning point of Minyeshu’s story was when, like a breath of fresh air, she decided that the time had come to let go of past grievances and move on, “I was looking for a home, while all the time not realising I’m already home, home is me! I was inspired by life itself and all it has to offer – love, happiness, sadness, nature, gratefulness… etc. They are all home – they should all be embraced…

Minyeshu’s personal journey is riveting and musically compelling. Her talent for composing exciting music and vocal arrangements while respecting traditional rhythms has resulted in this refreshing new album of Ethiopian world music.

Ethiopian instruments include the masenqo and the end-blown wooden washint flute, alongside western instruments including saxophone, drums, percussion, violin, bass, trombones, clarinet and piano.

‘Daa Dee’ is an inviting journey into Minyeshu’s world, both reflective and forward-looking, songs full of grace bearing a refreshing gratitude for everything this beautiful world has to offer.

Album: DAA DEE
Label: ARC Music
Genre: World